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Coffee Pods, Packaging, and the Environment

Which machines can I use with your pods?

Is the warranty on my machine still valid if I use your pods?

Can your pods damage my machine?

How long to the pods last?

How do I make an authentic espresso or a small/medium/large coffee?

How do I make a long coffee?

Why does my coffee take longer to pour?

What is the environmental impact of your pods?

How do I dispose of my coffee pods?

I'm conscious about BPAs and food safety, can you tell me more about this?

Are you affiliated with Nespresso®?

Why has my packaging differed from my last order?

The coffee just drips out of the machine/I want more coffee dammit! What can I do?

Sometimes the pods get stuck in the machine after I've used them. What gives?

Does your coffee contain any artificial flavouring?


How do I update my billing and/or shipping details?

When will my first order be shipped?

When are the future billing and shipping dates after I place my first order?

How can I change the amount of pods I receive per month?

How do I skip months or cancel my membership?

I've lost my customer log in details. How can I fix this?

How often do you rotate the roasters/roasts?

I'm a business and I want to subscribe. How can I find out more info?


How can I track my order?

How long does it take to receive my order?

How much does shipping cost?

Do you ship internationally?

My tracking says delivered but I haven't received the shipment. What do I do?

Payments and Returns

What are my payment options?

Is your site secure and are my payment details safe?

I'm not satisfied with the product and I'd like a refund. How can I get this?