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So, you've decided to have the specialty coffee experience at home, purchased the best pods, but you are still unsure of the right way to maximise your Nespresso® compatible machine?

Follow these five tips to get the best experience, every time.

Tip #1 - Warm Up Your Machine

First and foremost, before you put a pod into the machine, close the chamber and press either the Espresso or Lungo buttons to run water through the machine and flush out any residual coffee grinds.

More importantly, this also helps calibrate the coffee extraction. Meaning when you do actually use a pod, you're getting a full and accurate extraction (usually resulting in more coffee in your cup!). 

Tip #2 - Program Your Machine

Now that you're using specialty coffee in your machine, you might find it's not extracting as much coffee from the pod. This is because specialty coffee is a lot finer and is designed for a longer extraction (to get all those delicious flavours out).

Don't fret, there's any easy fix!

Simply pop a pod inside the machine and hold down the Lungo button (big one) until your happy with the amount of coffee in your cup. The machine is now reprogrammed and will remember the amount for next time!

Just be sure to press the same Lungo button each time you use your machine.


Tip #3 - Keep it Clean

Another easy one, you should make sure that you clean your machine before every use.

Just like any other kitchen appliance, keeping your gear clean will result in the best coffee possible.

This is as easy as doing this one step:

  1. Push the espresso button before you place a capsule (this will flush out any residue from your previous use, and ensure that all internal components are warmed up)

    Now, insert your capsule and firmly lower the lever. At this point, you will hear a click, which means that the locking mechanism has opened the capsule for brewing. Easy!

    Tip #4 - Single Use is Key

    Do yourself a favour and never use a capsule more than once. This will lead to watery and burnt coffee.

    Contrary to popular belief, each capsule holds enough coffee for an espresso and running more water through the pour will not get you a stronger coffee.

    Tip #5 - Use Your Eyes (Only for Pros ;))

    This tip really separates the average from the die hard pod users. Are you ready?

    If you are feeling a little more expert, you can use your eyes to make the perfect espresso. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. When the coffee is pouring, watch how the coffee changes colours (espresso goes through three different shades of colour as water pours through - red/brown, caramel, and finally blonde)
  2. Observe the red/brown shade (this is the ristretto which gives your coffee sweetness and body)
  3. Now see how it changes to caramel (this gives the coffee its balance and is the main ‘espresso’ section of the pour)
  4. Finally, as soon as the espresso turns blonde, kill the water flow! (the light yellow colour coming through is only extracted bitter water)
    1. If your coffee turns out like the one below, you’re onto a winner.


      And that's it - we hope this post helps you maximise your machine in the best way possible and enjoy that delicious specialty coffee!


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