Baker's cocoa and French vanilla nougat with pomegranate molasses

Tasting notes Baker's cocoa, molasses & chocolate
Intensity 11/13
Best served With milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous Coffee!

The packaging alone is enough to get me on board! Keep up the great work guys :)

Welcome onboard the P&P Train, Rennie... we're looking forward to serving you another cuppa soon!

Very happy. Taste great. Yet to see how quickly they compost

Awesome, glad you enjoyed your cuppa Michael! Just a heads up, our pods are certified biodegradable and compostable in an industrial composting system which your local council can advise you of. Please check out our website for more details:

Firstly, good product guys. Elliot's mum is a friend of mine and I'm delighted to get my employer to support you.
We are delighted with your product - taste and eco-profile. With two different styles in our coffee jar, the less detail oriented here can't tell the difference between the 9 and 11 (and appear incapable of reading the numbers). Any chance of colour coding?

Thanks so much for sharing the P&P love, Catherine and for your thoughtful suggestions! We look forward to serving your workplace more mugs of deliciousness :)

Do you have a mocha pod??

Great idea Michelle, perhaps in the near future! For now, we're just obsessed with showing off the natural flavour nuances of our specialty coffees!
Coffee addiction

I have been a Nespresso addict for years , I won’t even stay in a hotel room that doesn’t have one . However in light of all the climate changes I want to now be a bit more responsible , hence these guys . What is even better is that their coffee also tastes great . I just can’t seem to adjust the machine for a longer pore 😏 .

We appreciate you making the conscious switch Ian! Hmm a longer pour can definitely be achieved via keeping the Lungo button down beyond the auto setting... this also enhances the flavour extraction of our finer grind of specialty coffee!
More Info

Bancroft is sourced from carefully selected microlot across Nascer Do Sol, Brazil and Java, Indonesia.

The body and finish of this coffee are owed to the blend’s Brazilian origin, where you’ll pick up hints of Baker’s cocoa and French vanilla nougat. To balance the cup, the Indonesian arabica was selected to offer a subtle sweetness through its pomegranate flavour notes. Overall, you’ll experience a well-balanced coffee with a strong body and finish.

If you like milk in your coffee, Bancroft is the perfect option for you.