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Plum skin and dark berries greeted by golden caramel

+ $9.50 per pack of 10 pods
+ Nespresso compatible®
+ Biodegradable & compostable
+ 100% Melbourne specialty coffee
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A modern and bright tasting blend, Fasoli brings together arabica beans from three different countries to provide the perfect balance of flavours.

You’ll notice notes of dark fruit such as plum and berries that form the cup’s body, whilst simultaneously adding citric acidity for balance. Responsible for this are the beans sourced from Sidamo, Ethiopia and Kanguka, the Western Province of Rwanda, a region known for its distinctive sweet-tasting Red Bourbon arabica varietal.

Finally, arabica sourced from Nascer Do Sol, Brazil, gives undertones of roasted nuts, caramel and cocoa that adds sweetness and a gentle finish to the cup.

Fasoli was made to be a people pleaser, as it’s flexible with or without milk.




Customer Reviews

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Great coffee!

Fasoli hits the spot, great work

Awesome to hear that Fasoli satisfies your coffee needs David!
Great tasting coffee, but.....

The coffee is great, and we have just made a second order but I have a few small issues. First the pods seem to get stuck a bit in our machine. We have a pretty old Nespresso, so it may not be a problem with more modern ones, but for us it does mean we have to push the pod through most times. I am also a little miffed that although the pods are compostable, they come in a plastic wrapper? I am assuming this is because of the materials used to make the pods is more susceptible to humidity?? It would be good if you could come up with a solution that meant that this inner wrapper could also be recycled or composted. Lastly, can you come up with some more decaf flavours? I can't be the only person around that enjoys both an afternoon or evening coffee and their sleep!

Hi there, Thanks for your feedback and for enjoying the taste of P&P! It sounds like our compostable pods might be having a little trouble in your well loved and used machine. By giving the pod a bit more time to warm up and seal with the machine, this may help! Ah the coffee sleeve that you're referring to is our new biodegradable packaging to replace the foil sleeve which will keep your compostable pods fresh! We're always looking at new ways to improve and we appreciate your patience in being a part of our journey :)

Too bitter for my husbands taste. He has espresso so maybe this blend would be better with milk.

Cheers Amanda, perhaps your husband might prefer Mybeya which is perfect for a sweeter espresso: https://www.podandparcel.com.au/collections/nespresso-compatible-coffee-pods/products/mbeya
Tastes like real coffee

I love that the pods don’t have that same pod coffee taste to the others! I don’t miss the bitterness of those at all

Glad you're enjoying the difference of specialty coffee Isabel!
Yummo from this mum of a newborn!

Interrupted sleep made for one hell of a tuckered out mofo. That’s me, if you hadn’t guessed. Our babe is now sleeping better but I still have at least three Pod & Parcel coffees a day. Not because I need the caffeine but because they’re delicious! It’s kinda a new treat for me (but I still refuse to give up chocolate. Coffee & choc can just play together).

Treat yourself Jess! Cheers :)