Sidamo Decaf

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Intensity: (8/13)

Sweet lemon and candied orange with notes of dried fig

+ $9.90 per pack of 10 pods
+ Nespresso compatible®
+ Biodegradable & compostable
+ 100% Melbourne specialty coffee
+ Decaffeinated chemical free (Swiss Water Process)
+ Love it or your money back

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Our signature decaf is a single origin arabica sourced from the Sidamo Province, an area popular for its fruity coffee, in the South East of Ethiopia. 

In a colourful complement of flavours, the bright tasting notes of sweet lemon and candied orange form the body of the cup, which is rounded by notes akin to dried figs. 

Chemical-free, this coffee is decaffeinated with the chemical-free Swiss Water Process, it retains all its complex flavour notes synonymous with specialty arabica. 

Treat yourself to one of the first decaffeinated specialty coffee pods in the world and, if we're being honest, very likely the one with the highest quality too.



Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Nice coffee

Very nice

Cheers Tim :)
Loving the New Pods

I've been a longtime customer of Pod and Parcel, and never use any other pods these days.

Sidamo is still one of the best-tasting decafs I've ever had, and is perfect for late night coffee cravings. Sometimes I just want a warm, comforting, fluffy coffee, but I don't need to be kept awake. I always keep a pack of Sidamo around, for just that reason.

I really like the new and improved packaging - it feels so fancy! But more importantly, the fact that each pod is labelled makes it so much easier in the morning (I often make coffee for more than one person at a time, and everyone wants different flavours). I've been using them for about a week now, and they've never once gotten stuck in the machine. I miss the resealable zip packaging a little, but the sleekness of the new pods more than makes up for it.

Wow Jean! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with such precious feedback. We're thrilled that Sidamo has hit the spot for your cosy evening coffee feels :)

Best decaf I’ve ever tasted

Cheers Bonnie :)
Great decaf

Great quality, very easy drinking

Cheers Louise :)
Tastes legit

Smells and tastes like real coffee but with zero caffeine. I also like the fact the caffeination method is chemical-free, all important things when you're pregnant :)

Awesome to hear, Jay!