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Die-hard coffee lover?
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Save 10% on our Super Sample Pack, which includes all of our coffees minus the decaf. Free shipping included.

Pods 180 in total
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Total Pods = 180

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Customer Reviews

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Yes - we are really busy so every purchase we make requiring feedback is a pain in the proverbial and I usually just hit delete but the sustainable aspect of the pods is brilliant and we will continue to use them guilt free - we just don't know which if the sample pods we loved most. The smell when you open the packet is heavenly.. we are definitely ordering more.

Thanks soooo much for taking the time to give us such generous feedback, Bronwyn... glad we can add a non-guilty pleasure into your lifestyle!
Love the coffee and the concept.

Just finished our sample pack and every pod is in the compost! Love the idea and love the coffee!

Thanks so much for sampling us David! Just a note, please make sure it is being disposed of in a commercial composter. Here's a link for more info:!how-do-i-dispose-of-my-coffee-pods
So many choices

The descriptions of each coffee sound like a fine dining experience is about to happen. Sure there’s been some that I prefer over others but all in all I’ve yet to have an unpleasant coffee experience with pod and parcel. Each one has a been a journey to some exotic place, without leaving the confines of my home. Loving it!!

Glad we've whisked you away on P&P journeys to where our bean varieties were grown! Thanks Kristy :)
Fantastic !!

Ordered the sample pack simple based on being able to toss it into the compost afterwards... and the coffee itself is cafe quality. Very impressed!

Aw cheers Yanna, thanks for having fun sampling P&P! Enjoy :)

Super Sample Pack

Cheers Tim
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This is it...

The final coffee frontier. 

Our Super Sample Pack has 180 eco-friendly, Nespresso® compatible pods filled with specialty coffee sourced from the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne.

Thinking of the perfect gift or can't choose between coffees?

Don't worry, we've got your back. 

Each sampler pack includes two packs of each roast from our nine signature specialty coffees (no decaf included):

  • Huehuetenango (Guatemala - 7/10 intensity)
  • Bezzera (Tanzania, India - 13/13 intensity)
  • Fasoli (Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil - 8/13 intensity)
  • Tarrazú (Costa Rica - 10/13 intensity)
  • Mbeya (Tanzania - 9/13 intensity)
  • Florentino (India, Colombia - 12/13 intensity)
  • Calexte (Colombia, Tanzania - 5/13 intensity)
  • Munro (Ethiopia, Nicaragua - 9/13 intensity)
  • Bancroft (Brazil, Indonesia - 11/13 intensity)