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Wish I’d found this earlier!

My morning coffee is in essential part of my day but by the same token I am conscious of the environmental footprint that I am leaving. Finding a sustainable and ecological be sourced coffee pod that can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way has been an absolute game changer. I only wish I had found this sooner.

We're glad you found us Susanne, thanks so much & enjoy!
Never going back to Nespresso pods

So much flavour and I pop them straight in my compost bin after. Safe to say I’ll never use a Nespresso pod again.

Glad you made the switch to something more sustainable, Danielle!
Great tasting decaf

Really enjoying this coffee

So glad you're loving Sidamo, Sophia!
Great coffee!

Was excited to try the range and did not disappoint, have already recommended to anyone that will listen!

Thanks for sharing the P&P love Elizabeth :)

Gave them a go as I like the idea of compostable pods - easier than having to collect aluminium pods for recycling. They are interesting flavour combinations (Calexte is my fav) and I look forward to my morning coffee every day! Also similar price to Nespresso so it’s nice to be able to support a small, Aussie business without having to fork out tonnes of extra bucks. Good job guys and gals, you’ve nailed it!

So great, thanks heaps for your considered support Lulu!


Enjoy the Huehue Amanda :)

Such a lovely discovery. These coffee pods are unlike anything I've had before. Definitely good quality. The taste and the aroma is to die for and it's the first thing I look forward to when I wake up in the morning. The sample pack is a great option for discovering favourites - my favourite is Huehuetenango. Already secured my next order!

Glad you found us May, thanks for the great feedback!

Excellent coffee

Cheers Gabrielle!
Crema +

I ordered the sample pack, and although I haven't tried all the flavours just yet, I'm really happy! The crema is so much better than any Nespresso offering and I'm really pleased that I can add the pods to my compost.

Awesome Samantha, glad you're enjoying the golden crema!
Love the coffee

Great coffee.

Cheers Marise :)
Pretty Damn good

We ordered our pods a few weeks back. We thought we would try a "sample" pack. The delivery was quick, the packaging was delightful AND the coffee is simply amazing. We are still trolling our way through the different styles of coffee. Looking forward to our next order.

Have fun working out your favourites Lesley! Thanks heaps :)
Great taste

Coffee lovers excited to have a choice, for a pod they above five star. Great taste , coffee is quality excellent. Would recommend this product.

Super review Karen, thanks heaps for the above 5!

Good coffee

Thanks so much Leisa :)

Sample Pack

Cheers Lucy!
Good quality pods

Was very impressed with these pods, they are a little pricey but definitely are worth the money :)

For great tasting, speciality coffee.. we're glad you think it's worth it Carla! Thanks :)
Caffeine Love!

Absolutely love the sample pack, the coffee is amazing! We will be changing over to the subscription so we don't run out of coffee!

Welcome to The Coffee Club Shadra :)
Not to my taste

I loved the idea of combustable pods but sadly I did not enjoy the taste of the coffee.

Cheers Mary!

Very good coffee but not quite strong enough for me.

Hey there Valerie, thanks so much for the feedback! Wondering if Florentino might be up your alley?
Ridiculously good!

Love the variety! I have to say one of my favs was ‘Calexte’ ... the English toffee, strawberry and pistachio notes were incredible! Perfect for my 3pm pick me up!

3pm Calexte sounds pretty darn good to us! Cheers J :)
Gosh, Darn...just amazing.

The BEST coffee pods I’ve had by far!
Just like a cafe coffee at home and because these pods are biodegradable and compostable, it makes them even better.

That's amazing, thanks for the lovely feedback Ashleigh :)
Easy drinking

Nice coffee, Bancroft has to be the best so far! But it’s great for variety

Glad you love Bancroft Luke!

Sample Pack

Cheers Miranda!
Sample Pack
So far so good

Costa Rica better than ristretto
Onto Brazil - just as good but not quite

Cheers Kathryn!
So far so good!

Received my box pretty quickly, value for money was great - coffees are now approx. $1 each and taste like they are from a coffee shop.
Pods haven’t gotten stuck in either the Nespresso or Breville coffee maker. Too early to judge the compostability. Happy so far!

Thanks so much for the feedback so far Katherine!

Very happy with my pods, the coffee is delicious! I’ll definitely order again :)

Cheers Sarah, we look forward to serving you P&P soon!