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Calexte review by Keith.

Calexte is a very nice coffee. Ideally suited as an afternoon coffee with a scone or a muffin.

Needs to be drunk as an espresso - milk tends to take away the subtle flavours.

Great coffee for the office!

We have a regular subscription of Pod & Parcel coffee delivered to our office. The team loves the Bancroft coffee (the stronger the better!) and such a bonus that the pods are compostable - we wouldn't have elected to use pods otherwise. Thanks guys for keeping our office functioning with your delicious blend of beans!

Appreciate the love, guys! :-)
Have truly traded in Nespresso

Yep I said it out loud; after 7 years of Nespresso loyalty pod n parcel have replaced them-none more surprised than me-tried all supermarket varieties in that time but always back to Nespresso-not now

Back to try again and much happier!!

I recently ordered a sample pack from Pod and Parcel and have been very impressed with the product and variety of pods.
I was using pod and parcel about 12 months ago and had issues with the pods not working well in my Nespresso machine. You have obviously now fixed the problem as the new pods are working perfectly!! No more changes please

Awesome to hear - and we promise no more changes, Stuart!
Great alternative to Nespresso

Great taste , not bitter and the best is free postage and better for the environment....


Ordered 4 types of coffee in my last order and have to say calexte is by far my favourite!!

Enjoying immensely

Good quality coffee, varied. Reasonably priced. Absolutely no issues with delivery.

Real coffee hooray!

My husband and I haven’t bought a nespresso because we like REAL coffee, not pod coffee. However after finding out about pod and parcel we thought we’d give it a go and sure enough, real coffee! Loving it so far and also happy with the sampler pack to try different blends. Will definitely be a regular customer. Thanks!

Great coffee!

Love the rich flavours of all the types of coffee that you guys offer - and also love the social side, with biodegradable, compostable and environmentally friendly pods and containers.

Bean Awesome

Second order from Pod and Parcel and pretty happy with the coffee strength and taste - delivered home with nil major hassles, supports a local company and knowing it is biodegradable and compostable is one of the main reasons I swapped over from the Nespresso capsules. Keep it coming!

Cheers, David!
Silky Monroe

We have enjoyed the smooth and silky taste of Monroe and we are about to order some more.

Amazing coffee and easy to use capsules


Great coffee and service

Great tasting coffee and excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

Love it!

Delicious and beautifully packaged!


Quality coffee in biodegradable pods! Great variety too!


Delicious smooth coffee! Excellent service and environmentally sustainable.

Straight out of a cafe!

Love these pods because its exactly like cafe coffee. I aways get compliments from my friends when they come over for a coffee :) I love good strong coffee too.

Great Australian Coffee

I haven't tried all the flavours yet but the ones i have tried are really nice. And its good to support an Australian business.

Great Coffee

Great Coffee and biodegradable - win win!
Thanks for a great service

THE best coffee

Love this coffee . Works great in my machine and taste's great every time.

Great tasting coffee, service and biodegradable/compostable!

Enjoying these pods. Love my long black with cream on the side!


Great coffee & biodegradable! I’m now back to using my pod machine for my morning coffee. Thanks to Pod & Parcel for saving me time (& money!).

Best artisanal pods ever

I have tried different pods from different countries, but none of them come close to your coffee in terms of taste.


Hi P&P Team, just wanted to thank you guys for your impressive coffee blends - seriously! I must admit, I originally bought to try purely for the fact they're much kinder to the environment, but wow... they're good... really good!! I definately prefer a bolder flavour & am loving Bancroft atm.. Beautifully bold, yet balanced & by no means bitter. Bloody delicious basically! So many B words! ha,ha... Anyway, cheers everyone from a pleasantly surprised & very happy customer!! Keep it up! :)