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Great tasting coffee

These pods have great coffee. My only issue is that they are much more compacted and my pod machine struggles to push the water through. It helps to shake and roll the pods a bit first.

Hey there Z, thanks so much for your feedback! That's a great technique. It's also helpful to know that our specialty coffee is ground more finely for a longer extraction so these tips may be of use:

Great coffee

Oh cheers Sharon :)

Great taste, price, delivery and good for the environment. Winning! I live in Asia, Borneo. Thanks for such a great product and fantastic customer service team!

We super appreciate your support and glad we could bring a slice of Melbourne's specialty coffee to your home in Borneo. Many thanks Cindy!
FIrst Time Users

We chose a variety pack plus a couple of extra brews to find one we liked. The compostibility of the capsules is our top priority and we've found the Florentino most closely reflects our taste. It's a little more expensive than we usually pay but it's worth saving the environment!

We're super glad you enjoyed sampling our range of signature flavours, Karen...Florentino is our most popular! For sustainability and specialty-grade coffee, roasted locally... we think it's worth it too :).
Fabulous Coffee!

The packaging alone is enough to get me on board! Keep up the great work guys :)

Welcome onboard the P&P Train, Rennie... we're looking forward to serving you another cuppa soon!
No need to go out for coffee

At last I can enjoy real café style coffee without leaving the house. I work from home so this has saved me a lot of time. I used to have to walk around the corner for a coffee – now it’s a short walk to the kitchen!

We love hearing that we can offer convenient deliciousness... Cheers Andrew and cin cin!
Great coffee and avoids coffee pod landfill!

The coffee quality is amazing, shipping is quick, local product and better for the environment! What’s not to love?

It's all love at P&P... Cheers Corrie!
Five stars

Stronger than Bancroft and equally delicious.

Woohoo. to you finding your P&P faves! Thanks a bunch Genevieve!

Great coffee. Great service. Thank you!

No...thank you Amelia! :D

Really enjoying the coffee, lots of flavours to choose from and BIODEGRADABLE!

Aw we're so happy to hear that Laura, have fun with our range of flavours!
Just Right

Nice smooth flavour with just the right intensity

You've found a winner, Kathryn... thanks for your feedback!

Very happy. Taste great. Yet to see how quickly they compost

Awesome, glad you enjoyed your cuppa Michael! Just a heads up, our pods are certified biodegradable and compostable in an industrial composting system which your local council can advise you of. Please check out our website for more details:
The aroma! Wow!

Not only is the coffee amazing the aroma as you break open the sealed bag, and the jar every time I get out a pod, is an added joy to my coffee experience!!

Thanks Tracy for enjoying the sensory experience of P&P! We love brightening up our coffee drinker's day!
Love these pods!

I adore these coffee pods. Sample packs are perfect to get a good variety of pods and super easy to recycle/compost.
Definitely going to be buying again and again.

Thanks so much for continuing to drink P&P with us Sophie! Looking forward to serving up more deliciousness :)
Amazing Coffee

So pleased I found the P & P advertisement on Facebook. The coffee is amazing. Love the choice of strength & love all the flavours. It’s hard to pick just a favourite. The fact the pods are compostable is a bonus.

We're so happy you found us Julie and glad you're enjoying our range of flavours!

Firstly, good product guys. Elliot's mum is a friend of mine and I'm delighted to get my employer to support you.
We are delighted with your product - taste and eco-profile. With two different styles in our coffee jar, the less detail oriented here can't tell the difference between the 9 and 11 (and appear incapable of reading the numbers). Any chance of colour coding?

Thanks so much for sharing the P&P love, Catherine and for your thoughtful suggestions! We look forward to serving your workplace more mugs of deliciousness :)
Lovely range of tastes

So far each one has been enjoyable

Cheers for enjoying our signature flavours Gen!

Great taste and most importantly it is environmentally friendly

We're glad you found us Vicky and thanks for your support!
A chance worth taking.

The reason I purchased your pods was that as I am a gross caffeine addict, I was looking for pods that were more environmentally friendly firstly and hopefully the coffee would be at least drinkable. So when I found your promotion probably on the Internet, I decided to take a punt. As I am I on a limited income I can afford to payout the prices you need to charge in one go. And to my delight, the coffee is pretty good too. So that's why I am giving the highest rating. Keep up the good work!

Wow! Thanks so much Bruce for making the switch to a higher quality, local and more sustainable coffee. We love hearing from conscious consumers like yourself!
Best tasting Coffee

Best tasting pod coffee ☕️ absolutely love it! Especially Mbeya, my favourite 10/10 👌🏼

Can't beat that! Really appreciate you cheering us on Melissa and yummy choice on Mbeya!
Brilliant tasting coffee pods

We are extremely happy with the taste of the coffee pods, the taste is way better than what we were expecting and better still the pods are biodegradable, so help the planet and start using these pods.

Cheers Des for Sampling P&P and enjoy your feel-good cuppa!
Great coffee, love that the pods break down

Good tasting coffee and like that the pods break down. One of them broke in the machine, which was a bit tricky.

Thanks a bunch for enjoying Fasoli! Ah we haven't heard of that happening before, please email us at so that we can look into it and resolve the issue for you!
Top job

Package came quickly, left at the door as requested, great coffee 😀

Speedy delivery of deliciousness is what we love to hear! Many thanks, Claire :)
Simply the best!

Absolutely delicious, strong and tasty coffee!! Will definitely reorder!! We have been using other lids, which we thought were great... then we tried these!! The difference is incredible! And the pods are biodegradable!!

Thanks for appreciating the P&P difference Jen!
Smells delicious

Firstly I chose Pod & Parcel because the pods are biodegradable as opposed to Nespresso pods & I wanted to try some other coffee flavours.
I love the smell of all of the coffee in the starter pack & my favourite one is #8 Fasoli.

Thanks for enjoying our Sample Pack and we super happy you've found your flavour fave, Nikola... much appreciated!