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Proper Coffee!

Although the pods don't work as efficiently in the Nespresso machine (just a bit slower), they taste like proper coffee! Not bitter or sour, just yum!

Pod coffee happiness!

Very happy we have decided to try Pod and Parcel. Excellent service and delicious coffee we have tried so far(:

Love, Love, Love these !!

Beautiful, easy drinking, smooth coffee !

Absolute bliss

This is the best coffee I’ve found not only do I feel better about the environment but they are so delicious we won’t be going back to any other coffee! Plus just opening the packet is amazing


Coffee Club Membership

A BIG step in the right direction

Great service start to finish. Good communication and speedy delivery. Really happy with our La Leyenda pods. Good job team

Love,love,love Pod & Parcel!

This coffee is delicious! So glad we ordered our 2nd sampler pack. I will be a regular purchaser

Amazing coffee from humble Nespresso machine

Fresh and delicious! Fast postage.

Amazing as ever

These pods never fail to hit the spot!

We love these pods

Just as good as a coffee shop coffee.

Glad I switched

Love the coffee and will definitely be reordering.

Thumbs up

There’s nothing like that fresh ground coffee smell as you open the packet, the taste is sensational. Miles ahead of the others.

Great coffee

The sample pack has a great range of coffee - all are excellent quality and even if some are not your taste, it's still fun to try them all out. The taste is also more like regular coffee than the descriptions on the packs make out - which is actually very good, as I was initially worried I'd accidentally ordered pods for mochas with all the flowery descriptions of chocolate flavouring.
Had some issues with delivery but once that was sorted they arrived promptly and very safely packaged.
Bit more pricey than most pods, but worth it when you consider that they are more sustainable and supportive of local businesses than most too.


Super Sample Pack

Love the coffee!

Prompt delivery, guilt free delicious coffee.


Thanks for such amazing coffee pods. As a mum of a new born, I definitely needed a coffee or two or three or five thousand. Even my coffee snob husband didn't mind them!

Thanks again! Will definitely be ordering more!


Coffee Club Membership

Great product and fair shipping time

Was purchased as a present for my friend. She absolutely loves it. Took a bit longer than I expected to arrive but worth it.

Tastes good and good for the environment

5 ⭐️

Love it

We recently moved to country Victoria from Melbourne. I have missed real coffee so much, so finding Pod & Parcel coffee is a god send! I bought Nespresso pods because I could recycle them at their shops and at an outlet in our new town however P&P pods are even better - no more storing all the used pods until I had time to drop them off, now they can go straight into my own compost bin for the garden! By the way the coffee is smooth aromatic and definitely worth trying ☺️

Great local coffee!

Our office just love Pod & Parcel. Nice packaging and even better coffee!

As good of an experience as you can hope to get out of a pod coffee

Significant upgrade on the experience delivered by Nespresso branded pods, producing a passable level espresso for this coffee snob at least on the ristretto setting, the usual burnt bean/bitter issue remains on anything of a longer extraction, but that's a fault in the temperature of the nespresso machine, a built in flaw, the pods themselves are great.

the jam

Elixir is officially my fave.

One of our favourites!

Love this blend, makes a great latte!

10/10, very happy

I absolutely love the Pod and Parcel coffee pods. Happy to be doing the right thing by the environment and also getting great coffee!
If you are on the fence, I suggest giving it a try! (I bet my hat that you wont regret it).

Great coffee

Delicious coffee, beats any other coffee pods I have had including espresso. Great crema!!

Delicious! Will purchase again

This coffee smells and tastes great. Delivered in record time. Pods are biodegradable and compostable. Do yourself (and the environment) a favour and get some.

Great Pods

The pods are great, pity the bag isn't recyclable though

Amazing coffee

Tasty and got the day off to a good start!

Morning Delight

We got 5 packs thinking it would easily last. It didn’t because it was so delightful. I think we will need to increase our subscription!

Bringing great coffee to the Top End

Delicious coffee! Living in Darwin unfortunately means we don’t have the best coffee going around, but thanks to Pod & Parcel I can have that amazing Melbourne coffee up here in the Top End. I also love that the pods are environmentally friendly. I don’t feel bad every time I brew a coffee.


I've been recommending these pods to all my co-workers and teammates in our work Environmental committee, we've been saving them up and popping them in the work compost bin each week! They work just like a normal Nespresso pod and taste amazing too.


I am usually a one cup a day person but the flavours of these pods have got me going back a few times a day. They are definitely quality pods!

Super sample pack

We were recommended to try Pod and Parcel and decided to try out the pods via the super sample pack. First up, the box arrived really quickly and shipping details and communications from Pod and Parcel were first rate. The box even had a peronalised written message inside which was a nice touch. Next on the list is the individual packaging. Yes, it is slick to look at and the colours make it easy to pick what blend you're after, but the one-way vacuum seal is a real winner. It makes storage easy and of course, keeps the coffee fresh. Importantly, the coffee tastes great. It's fresh and consistent and blends well with milk. We will definitely be back to support this Australian (and local to us) business.

Great coffee and service

I received my sampler pack quickly and with a handwritten message in the box. The coffee is delicious and the pods work well with my machine. Best of all I am guilt free as they are compostable pods! Thanks for the effort pod and parcel. I can finally be green and not have to compromise on quality of coffee :)

Delicious coffee that's ethical

As above, very tasty. Take note, through, the the flavour descriptions are perhaps more impressions. It tastes excellent, but the descriptions are quite flowery.

Smooth Operator

Speedy delivery, environmentally friendly product and a smooth tasting beverage. What's not to like?!

Great coffee

Delicious coffee to have at home.( tip: Need to pierce the pods with a fork first to get best flow)


Best pod coffee going around, and its biodegradable. Tasty, easy coffee, guilt free!

Great Mild Coffee

Great tasting coffee if you prefer a milder blend.

I can never go back to regular Nespresso pods

I am really very impressed with the flavour of Pod and Parcel's coffee pods. I must admit to having initially been a bit sceptical, having first seen them advertised on Facebook, but I ordered a large sample pack and am now a convert.

The flavours are distinct, well-balanced, and complex. I thought I might find a favourite in the sample pack and pick up a subscription, but I honestly cannot choose just one. I love having a range at hand to suit my mood in the morning, and find myself playing around with different ratios of milk to water to suit each pod.

The pods do not run as smoothly in the machine as the official ones - I never had to give the official pods a second thought, but the Pod and Parcels often need a little bit of help. The water flow is not as consistent, and they rarely fall through as they're supposed to when spent.

I found it annoying at first, but honestly, the difference in taste is so worth the minor inconvenience, and I'm even beginning to enjoy taking a more hands-on approach with my coffee machine. It's only a few extra seconds of attention after all, and the result is a much more customised cup of coffee.

I also find it very convenient that these pods can all go into the regular recycle bin, rather than needing to be brought back to the Nespresso store each time. I will definitely be coming back for more :)

Love the pods

Finally found a non Nespresso pod with the flavor I like and they are better for the environment. Winning!

Beautiful coffee!

The whole concept of having a coffee pod that breaks down in your compost bin is brilliant not to mention that every flavour we have tried in the sample pack is sublime!! We will be regularly buying these from now on. The delivery was fast too, we loved the packaging and personal note on the box. Thanks Pod and Parcel keep up the great work!

Delicious Coffee!

First tried this coffee pod in the Sample pack and just had to buy it again, am a total Pod and Parcel convert! The favours of this coffee are amazing, and guilt free with the biodegradable pods! Don't think I could ever go back to Nespresso pods these are just soooo much better!

Best tasting pods!!

Had put my pod machine away for over a year until I tried these pods. Delicious!!

Delicious AND ethical

So glad to have found this company. The coffee is excellent and I feel good using these pods. Plus I get to support Australian small business. Total win.

First Sample Pack tastings❤️

We really love the taste of all the coffee pods. We are just trying to pick our favorite before we re order. We had tried another ‘compostable’ pod but found the coffee undrinkable so we are very pleased with this brand. Can’t wait to see how they compost! ☕️ Julie

Delectable delights

I haven't stopped recommending Pod and Parcel to anyone who will listen. I think the coffee is BETTER than nespresso and it's so convenient. The marketing is also fantastic and I am enjoying being part of the P&P fam. X

Far better than I could have hoped

Coffee from Pod & Parcel was far better than I had hoped and is exactly what I needed for the site office. Really, really impressed.


Best coffee pods I have tried.
And good for the environment!!!!
Love these ❤❤❤