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Eco friendly and delicious!

I love Pod & Parcel coffee pods and would recommend them to anyone who has a Nespresso machine. They really do taste like barista quality coffee. Bancroft is my favourite flavour. Nice and strong. The fact that the pods are biodegradable also makes me feel less guilty for drinking so much coffee and not wasting aluminium.


We really love the coffee and being able to use our Nespresso machine again (it went on a little break since the coffee was not particularly enjoyable).

Great tasting pods!

I almost gave up on pod coffee because of the poor taste and environmental impact until I tried these. Not only do they taste great but being biodegradable is a big plus!

Real coffee

Hi Ben
With pleasure I can review the recent coffee purchases... the first 3 packets were so enjoyable I have already re-ordered to prevent not having any capsules...
Thanks we love it, it's a real cup of Melbourne swish in my lounge room in Toowoomba.

Love my Pod & Parcel

Great tasting coffee and variety

Deliciousness in a cup

Would love to drink more than 2 cups per day!! Almost better than chocolate! Used to put sugar in my coffee.... but no more!! Delicious thank you!


Favorite so far!

Coffee experience

Great product!


I love fact that the pods are biodegradable and this flavour is nice and strong.

Love the taste!

I look forward to having my Pod & Parcel coffee every morning!

Great Flavour

Fantastic blends and a great pod design - which works better than original launch product.


Rated as intense but no burnt taste - great!


Among the best tasting coffee I've ever tried. Not burnt or bitter, and the flavour is all in the specialty beans with nothing added. So fresh and aromatic, as well. I really like it.



Good coffee excessive packaging

Hi Ben, coffee has been good. Only concern and disappointment is the amount of disposable packaging with my order, particularly with how waste-conscious I know your business is. The exterior postage box is obviously a necessity but inside this box were several smaller cardboard boxes which inside each of these contained further foil-like packaging (containing severel pods each). I’m sure there are reasons for this extensive packaging but are there any options to minimise this? Richard

Great feedback, Richard. All of our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable, and the inner aluminium sleeve will be replaced by a biodegradable around Sept/Oct. Reducing packaging is always front of mind, sometimes it just takes a little time :-)

Some of my favourite coffee in Melbourne, I’ve been using P&P for years!

Excellent coffee

Lovely taste, will order again!

New pods are awesome!

The new pods work with my machine better than the old ones, no need to warm up the machine either! Coffee is just as good (if not better), rarely pay for take away coffees now!

Wow coffee

Smells fabulous and tastes great. Can’t decide on my favourite as yet.

Good chance to try the coffee

We ordered the sample pack, as we were keen to find some coffee pods we could be environmentally OK with... The tastes really vary... One we didn't like at all and three we liked and one was OK. It takes a while to get used to the taste of a new coffee and so its good to have enough to taste... not just one of each. The process of buying online was smooth and easy and the pack arrived a few days later (thanks Aust Post). We'll be buying some more as soon as we finish our discussion of what we prefer... Different people, different tastes!
Thanks Ben!

Happiness in each cup

I purchased the sampler pack to try different flavours with colleagues and we’ve not been disappointed with any of the flavours. It was the perfect option to suit all our preferences. A must try!

Coffee pods review

Loved receiving my sampler pods so promptly. The family and I are really enjoying the different flavours that we’ve tried so far. Also really happy with the fact that we can throw the used pods straight into our compost bin. Will be placing another order again soon.

Change the rule for coffee pods

Tried it once then recommended to many friends who are using pod coffee machine.

The pods are really fresh and great smells. Totally different with the pods I had before.

Hope can keep the quality forever and I will keep using these pods.

Coffee pod experience!

When purchasing from the pod & parcel team I decided to try out 3 different types/strengths of the coffee. All of them were delicious and had noticeably different notes of flavour. I love the packaging and the fact that the pods are biodegradable makes them all the better!! Will be buying again :)

Good shit

Liked the old packaging better but still love the product