Baker's cocoa and French vanilla nougat with pomegranate molasses

Tasting notes Baker's cocoa, molasses & chocolate
Intensity 11/13
Best served With milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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I love my Bancroft coffee pods, it satisfies my Melbourne coffee snob standards and definitely smashes all the Nespresso branded pods out of the park. I don’t regret my decision to use these as my default coffee at home.

That's awesome to hear Ryan, glad we could meet your benchmark and thanks for making the switch!
Delightfully creamy

Love the Bancroft blend. Has been a staple and by far one of my favourites. It’s got a creamy nougaty taste and very well balanced.

Glad you've found your fave, Cecilia :) Bancroft is a scrumptious number!
Great decaf!

For health reasons I only drink decaf coffee and I’m usually a bit skeptical when buying it as it can lack strength and flavour. But Pod and Parcel’s decaf pods are delicious and full of flavour. I initially made the switch to Pod and Parcel because their pods are biodegradable and compostable but they taste just as good as Nepresso if not better!

Yay to Sidamo ticking all your boxes Jen! Cheers :)
Nice coffee in a compostable pod

The strongest rated coffees are best for lattes. Nespresso brand still beats any compatible for intensity and quality of flavour but you can’t beat P&P for good coffee and reducing your carbon footprint! P&P bring on higher quality coffee!! Well done so far.

Thanks so much for appreciating the P&P difference Bec!
Libby from Sydney

I’m really happy with the coffee and now i’ve worked out the composting of the pods I will definitely be sticking with this product.

Much appreciated Libby and welcome to the Pod Fam!
More Info

Bancroft is sourced from carefully selected microlot across Nascer Do Sol, Brazil and Java, Indonesia.

The body and finish of this coffee are owed to the blend’s Brazilian origin, where you’ll pick up hints of Baker’s cocoa and French vanilla nougat. To balance the cup, the Indonesian arabica was selected to offer a subtle sweetness through its pomegranate flavour notes. Overall, you’ll experience a well-balanced coffee with a strong body and finish.

If you like milk in your coffee, Bancroft is the perfect option for you.