Baker's cocoa and French vanilla nougat with pomegranate molasses

Tasting notes Baker's cocoa, molasses & chocolate
Intensity 11/13
Best served With milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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Repeat happy customer!

Happy customer - our household loves pod and parcel. Tastes delish, enviro friendly and delivered straight to the door!

Thanks for being a part of the P&P Fam, Aaron!

Good job Ben.

Oh shucks Jamie!
Is it possible for the mouth to fall in love

As I opened the packaging I yet again fell in love with the instant orgasmic smell that is roasted coffee bean. I have never had this with Nespresso. The taste is exceptional and I found the molasses was very prominent in the beginning and then the nougat and choc flavours developed, leaving a beautiful creamy taste that still had depth and strength. Way to go guys, that's 10/10. I can't wait to try the decaf tonight, and then tomorrow the other three flavours. I am thinking it will be really hard to choose a favourite, damn you Pod and Parcel you are too good

Cheers Michelle. why have one fav when you can have them all?! :)


Better than Nespresso

When I bought my Nespresso machine, I thought their capsules were great. But, having been lured across to Pod and Parcel (produced in Melbourne, biodegradable pods - what’s not to like?) I now can’t go back. PnP coffee tastes SO much better than Nespresso. Sorry George Clooney, but it’s true.

Thanks so much Sharon!! Welcome to the p&p family. :)
More Info

Bancroft is sourced from carefully selected microlot across Nascer Do Sol, Brazil and Java, Indonesia.

The body and finish of this coffee are owed to the blend’s Brazilian origin, where you’ll pick up hints of Baker’s cocoa and French vanilla nougat. To balance the cup, the Indonesian arabica was selected to offer a subtle sweetness through its pomegranate flavour notes. Overall, you’ll experience a well-balanced coffee with a strong body and finish.

If you like milk in your coffee, Bancroft is the perfect option for you.