Coffee Pods: Black Velvet Coffee

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A thrill seeker and rebel at heart, the Voodoo Child does whatever it wants. Greeted by vanilla’s devilish smile, a spice known to increase adrenaline levels, it brings you further into its realm with notes of raw cacao and English walnut. A full body and well-rounded finish are markers of the Voodoo Child.

The unusual combination of the bean’s origins, Rwanda, Brazil, and India puts a firm stamp on why Melbourne is at the forefront of coffee creationism.

(✔) Fits any Nespresso™ capsule machine
(✔) 100% Australian made
(✔) 100% Melbourne coffee
(✔) 100% Biodegradable
(✔) Composts within approx. 180 days
(✔) Delivery to your door or office
(✔) Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

Boasting decades of experience within the coffee industry, the husband-and-wife team behind Black Velvet Coffee have helped shape why Melbourne’s coffee culture is second to none. The specialty roaster sources product from green bean suppliers across the globe with an aim to roast and blend the most beautiful origins available, and to share them with the home barista and cafe owner alike.

Black Velvet Coffee serves their brew across two locations in the city, Bourke St and Exhibition St, and you would be remiss to not pop in for a delicious morning pick-me-up or afternoon kick.

Our capsules & coffee have been developed to deliver a true, classic espresso. To achieve this, we recommend you extract a 25ml shot of coffee (~15 second run time).

If you'd like, you can extend this to a 40ml shot (~25 second run time) but the balance of flavour and intensity will be different.

Here are some suggestions below (for milk coffee):

1x capsule (25 ml coffee) for 120 ml of milk: piccolo latte

2x capsules (50 ml coffee) for 210 ml of milk: small coffee

3x capsules (75 ml coffee) for 280 ml of milk: medium coffee

3x capsules (75 ml coffee) for 400 ml of milk: large coffee