Dark toffee balanced with strawberry, caramel, and hints of pistachio

Tasting notes Dark toffee, caramel & pistachio
Intensity 5/13
Best served Without milk
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic coffee, now guilt-free

As far as pod coffee goes, this is by far the best around. The perfect easy drinking flavour, Calexte is now ranked above tons of the cafes around me. The compostable packaging is also a massive plus, letting me be mindful while also indulging in a great cup of coffee.

We couldn't have said it better, Marnie... Cheers for appreciating our darling Calexte and our efforts toward sustainability!
Strap in it's going to get racy

I was thrilled to find my pods waiting for me when I went home to get my morning coffee. I live 5 minutes from work so I refuse to buy what could be a crap coffee when I can go home and know it will be great every time. This is my first experience with this coffee and this company and so far I am impressed. I opened the box with what I call genuine thrill, and inside were five different coffees and one decaf to try. Where does one start, should I go by the time of day, should I block my eyes and just grab one, which I then realised was silly I might have ended up with decaf lol. Anyway I decided to read the flavours and make a decision from there. English toffee caught my attention so I figured I had to start somewhere. Ok here comes the racy part. I opened the box and my nose had an orgasm. This is not something I have ever experienced with the Nespresso pods, no smell. These babies felt alive, they felt fresh, and I was anxious to get this elixir in my mouth. I primed my machine, ran an empty shot like you advised then popped in my pod and off we went. Let the machine work its magic. The smell just improved as the coffee poured and then I gave it the taste test before I added the milk. Oh my goodness, now my mouth is having an orgasm. I love this flavour,and the quality was absolutely everything you said it would be. Way to go guys, I will become a pod & parcel ambassador because your product is fantastic and I would rather give my money to a local company rather than a multi billion dollar company who certainly don't need my money. I hope you guys all get stinking rich running this company, you deserve it.

Michelle, we love your review, thank you!! We're pretty darn passionate about what we do and it's so freakin amazing when we hear from someone else that shares the passion. Welcome to the p&p fam Michelle. It's so awesome to have you on board. :)

Great tasting! I wish the pod lids were compostable or easier to remove though - would be so great to be able to compost the whole pod!

Thanks Emily. :) The lids can go in the recycling bin once removed. Check out how to easily remove the lids on our website


Thanks, Jessica!
Love these little pods!

My order arrived really quickly and I’ll definitely be ordering some more!

Thanks so much Clare. Enjoy!!
More Info

Bold, exotic, seductive. Calexte was created for one purpose: to bring you back wanting more.

Resulting from its Colombian origins, the body consists of delicate notes of dark toffee and a tinge of caramel. The addition of Tanzanian arabica adds to the cup’s complexity by introducing strawberry acidity and hints of pistachio for balance. If you enjoy your coffee with milk and straight as espresso, the versatility and intensity of the Calexte is an ideal choice.