Sidamo Decaf

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Intensity: (8/13)

Sweet lemon and candied orange with notes of dried fig

+ $9.90 per pack of 10 pods
+ Nespresso compatible®
+ Biodegradable & compostable
+ 100% Melbourne specialty coffee
+ Decaffeinated chemical free (Swiss Water Process)
+ Love it or your money back

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Our signature decaf is a single origin arabica sourced from the Sidamo Province, an area popular for its fruity coffee, in the South East of Ethiopia. 

In a colourful complement of flavours, the bright tasting notes of sweet lemon and candied orange form the body of the cup, which is rounded by notes akin to dried figs. 

Chemical-free, this coffee is decaffeinated with the chemical-free Swiss Water Process, it retains all its complex flavour notes synonymous with specialty arabica. 

Treat yourself to one of the first decaffeinated specialty coffee pods in the world and, if we're being honest, very likely the one with the highest quality too.



Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Sidamo decaf pods

Decaffeinated coffee is usually incredibly depressing. Usually, you think it's going to be better than no coffee, but often that proves to be wrong. Happily, Sidamo decaf proves to be the exception. It is pretty much as good as the real thing in terms of the "coffee experience" and doesn't suffer from that chemically/fake aftertaste that many decafs come with. It is definitely helping me survive pregnancy, so thank you!

That's awesome to hear Vicky, we're so happy Sidamo is getting you through with much enjoyment!
Great Flavour

Love the flavour!

You're not alone Michaela, much appreciated!
Perfect Decaf for a late night treat

Really enjoyed this decaf, especially late at night when i want flavour but not the buzz, well done guys

Cheers Stuart, so glad you get to enjoy a delicious evening brew on us!
Incredible tasting’s true!!!!

Recently purchased the decaf as part of my 1st pod & parcel pack. It’s delicious. Beautiful, full bodied & smooth taste. Can’t drink coffee after 3pm- so this is my afternoon blend. Can’t rave enough about it. Yummy. Thank you for treating the decaf with the respect it deserves- for the coffee lovers that still need decaf in their lives!!!

Love your thorough appreciation for our beloved Sidamo. Don't worry Bron, we've got your back!

In love with this single origin. Made as an espresso. Smooth sipping and amazing aftertaste notes as described. 10/10 would buy again.

Cheers Jason for loving Sidamo as much as our other Decaf Pod & Parcel-ers do!