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Die-hard coffee lover?
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Save 10% on our Super Sample Pack, which includes all of our coffees minus the decaf. Free shipping included.

Pods 180 in total
Capsule Biodegradable & Compostable
Compatibility Nespresso®

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing coffee

I love all the flavours and the ranges of coffee I also dont feel so guilty using pods with the waste in mind amazing idea love it.

Thanks for supporting us by indulging in your cup of feel-good P&P :)

I’m In Love

Pod and Parcel always arrive super speedy with deliveries and in gorgeous, easy to open packaging. I’m still trialling different types to find a favourite and I’m finding it harder and harder, it’s just so good.

You've blown us away with your P&P love, Emily! Thanks a bunch and happy Super Sampling :)
Good coffee!

Coffee is nice and tasty, arrived on time with all green packaging! The pods are thicker than nespresso, so it takes an extra push to close the machine lid, and takes a tid bit longer to make the coffee. This is minor though, I highly recommend!

Really appreciate it Debora and happy to hear it was delish! Yes our specialty coffees are ground more finely and the pods are made from compostable and biodegradable materials so they do behave slightly differently. These pointers may help you get the most of our pods from your machine :):


Super Sample Pack

Cheers Marie
Coffee Snob Gives the Big Thumbs Up

Working in the coffee industry myself and being surrounded by quality specialty coffee, this was a wonderful and seclusion’s surprise to my palate. Absolutely delicious, and perfectly resembling the barista cup we’re all used to. 10/10 would recommend

Wooohooo! That means so much to us Angela and glad our coffees are ticking the boxes for your hyper-senses!
More Info

This is it...

The final coffee frontier. 

Our Super Sample Pack has 180 eco-friendly, Nespresso® compatible pods filled with specialty coffee sourced from the coffee capital of the world, Melbourne.

Thinking of the perfect gift or can't choose between coffees?

Don't worry, we've got your back. 

Each sampler pack includes two packs of each roast from our nine signature specialty coffees (no decaf included):

  • Huehuetenango (Guatemala - 7/10 intensity)
  • Bezzera (Tanzania, India - 13/13 intensity)
  • Fasoli (Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil - 8/13 intensity)
  • Tarrazú (Costa Rica - 10/13 intensity)
  • Mbeya (Tanzania - 9/13 intensity)
  • Florentino (India, Colombia - 12/13 intensity)
  • Calexte (Colombia, Tanzania - 5/13 intensity)
  • Munro (Ethiopia, Nicaragua - 9/13 intensity)
  • Bancroft (Brazil, Indonesia - 11/13 intensity)